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Selection 1 - Animals in TV Commercials

First I would like to take a look at the classic Coca-Cola polar bears commercials. Often these would play in the winter and sometimes throughout the months of November and December as an advertisement for the holidays.

In this commercial we see a group of polar bears, could be either a family or a social circle, it is truly unknown exactly what type of group. It appears that they are playing with the young cubs, but the interesting thing about that is the one polar bear that is trying to obtain the lone Coca-Cola bottle on the piece of floating ice. Once the polar bear has the cola in hand, they take a giant refreshing sip to cure an assumed thirst. This brings up another interesting point. Polar bears are known as arctic mammals and are displayed as such in this ad. Using the polar bears is obviously an attempt to play to our sense of feeling. We recognize the bears as arctic creatures, and relate that to feeling cold. Cola is normally consumed at cold temperatures, so that is how I think this ad is trying to play to our senses. The senses argument becomes even more obvious at the end of the commercial where a short slogan can be seen that says "Life tastes good". This slogan is obviously playing on our sense of taste. Our visual senses are also being preyed upon in this commercial. This is done by choosing the arctic environment and polar bears as the image we see, and we then relate that to the cold feeling in the arctic. Cold soda equals refreshment.

While I mentioned social groups in the previous assessment only briefly, they take on a more apparent role in the next commercial. This is also an older commercial. This particular ad was played during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl time is often very hectic in America. People often flock together to watch the football game with their closest friends. Whilst viewing the game they take part in many activities which may include eating snacks and drinking beer. This clever ad shows us a group of parrots conversing with each other while presumably watching the Super Bowl and when the store attendant is out of the room. Each bird claims to be watching the game and having a Bud. Then a short sequence of "Wassup" statements can be heard, which became a staple in some forms of entertainment shortly thereafter. Then towards the end of the commercial, the camera pans to a "talking parrots" sign. This is a clever use of animals in ads, and in this ad it conveys parrots in a sociable light. When we humans get together to drink alcohol it is normally thought of as a sociable event, much like watching a football game. Having talking parrots drinking alcohol, having fun, and watching football is highly relatable. Combining these aforementioned elements of parrots with beer and football turned out to be a very funny commercial that we would not soon forget. Seeing the parrots having such a good time makes us want to enjoy the game with some Bud as well. Again this plays on our sensory perception, much like the Coca-Cola polar bears commercial. If consumers perceive that drinking Budweiser will be a fun time, then Budweiser is what they shall have to achieve that purpose. It also helps that parrots are exotic creatures; this may add an extra hint of excitement or adventure to an already adventurous product.

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