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Selection 5 - Saving You Money

The first thing that is apparent in this ad is the money bundle that has been given a pair of eyes. A statement can then be heard that says “this is the money that you could be saving with Geico.” Let's examine this character a little closer. He has been given big eyes, similar to that of a cartoon character. The eyes give this "money" character a very cute characterization. Not only do we as humans want to save money whenever possible, but this character makes the consumer feel like the little cute bundle of money is one of our own. We would always keep our own in high regard, so therefore Geico has gotten its message across to us. “Money is important to save, and we have the money just sitting here waiting for you to take.” The ad continues by stating that only 15 minutes can save you 15% one their insurance. Already being won over by the cute character, we then justify our insurance purchase with such high savings.

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