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Selection 2 - Unicef Ad Using Emotion Through Water

Above you can see an ad developed by Unicef. Unicef is known for being helpful to the less fortunate. They sometimes do this by providing us with facts. This particular ad tells us this fact; "1.5 million children die every year from drinking polluted water." This is obviously a very powerful statement, and may be able to move people with just that fact. However, Unicef cleverly uses water to convey something else to its audience. If you look closely, the water is very clear, indicating that we have access to clean water. However, this isnít what attracted me to the ad. If you look at the formation of the water you can see the shape of a mushroom cloud. With a little research I was able to find out that a mushroom cloud is actually condensed water vapor that results from a very large explosion. The type of explosion is commonly associated with nuclear weapons. We as humans obviously associate nuclear weapons with danger and death. The polluted water that these kids drink is dangerous, and results in over 1 million deaths. Therefore the use of the water shaped mushroom cloud is very effective.

Unicef chose the mushroom cloud as its figure, and displays it on a very barren gray and black background. With the power of the figure on a very depressing ground, it is easy to see the message they are trying to portray.

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